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We're building a house!

Site Pictures

I'm trying to keep a (close to) daily blog of how the house is developing.

Click on the date to see pictures from that day.  Earlier pictures can be accessed from the Site Pictures page.


21 Landscaping is in!  Appliances are in.  Doors are hung.
20 The carpet is down everywhere but the master bedroom, the tile surround in the master shower is almost done, the decks are complete. 
16 The decks are almost done and they've started to install light fixtures.
14 Deck is going in, the sink is in, the garage is a mess!
11 We took the kids to see the house.  The deck footings are in and the mantle has been painted.
8 The mantle is ready to be painted, the kitchen sink has arrived!
6 The kitchen looks great and we have a sketch of what our mantle will look like.
3 Stairs are in, kitchen countertops are in, closets are going in, electrical outlets are going in...lots going on


30 The stair rails have started to go in.
27 Ceramic tile has started and the finish carpentry is coming along great!
24 Trim carpentry is continuing and the driveway is framed in for pouring.
22 All the cabinets are in.  This set of pictures is sort of an up-to-date view of things.
19 The driveway and front door pad have been poured.  The walls have their first coat of paint.  More rough grading has been done.  Kenny is starting to install the cabinets.
3 Mudding has started.  The roofers are finishing up.
2 The drywall is going up really fast--and the exterior of the house is almost done!

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Current News:

We've moved in!!

I didn't take pictures of moving day--it was just too hectic.  Here's my finished Kitchen!


We're getting down to the last things.  We figured out tonight where the towel rods are supposed to go.  The tile guys were grouting as we left--the tile looks fantastic.  The landscaping looks great--I'm so glad that I just let the landscaping team decide where to incorporate the rock--it's perfect just where it is.

5/20 The last week

Just a few more days--and now the house really does look as if it's almost done.  It's amazing how much changed just since Thursday. 

5/19 Down to the wire

We're getting down to the wire--there's only a week left until we close.  The house doesn't quite look 'almost done', but Tammy assures me that we're in great shape!

The carpeting was supposed to go down yesterday and today.  The entry way tile should be finished and the ceramic tile in the shower surround is supposed to be completed Monday so that the glass people can measure for the shower door.

Monday, the landscaping is supposed to go in.  Sod will go in Friday (the day we close) so we'll be responsible for maintaining it.

The garage door openers went in Friday and the garage was pressure washed Friday, too.

Two light fixtures are on back order: the fan for the great room and the light over the breakfast nook.  The light fixture for the entry way didn't work--it was too long for the ceiling height.  Fortunately, Debbie and Kelly helped us pick out another one and All is Well. 

We'll be over there tomorrow during the Open House for our current house!  I'm looking forward to seeing the carpeting in!  (And maybe the power tools will be out of the house? :-)

4/22 Trim Carpentry, Closets, and Decisions

The trim carpentry is continuing--the upstairs doors and molding are being installed!

We met with Tim today and decided on shelves for the closets.  I think we're almost done with the building-decision-making!  Only a few more things left to go:

  • Door for the master shower
  • Towel rods
  • Plants for the included landscaping (from a very short list)
  • Any additional landscaping
  • Door hardware for the kitchen

Okay, so the list isn't as short as I thought it was--but it's lots shorter than it has been!

4/19 Cabinets are going in

Kenny, the trim carpenter, has started his work.  The cabinet installation seems to be going so fast!  The master bath and upstairs bath are installed and the kitchen is well under way.  The cabinets look fantastic.

4/19 Back yard

We met with Tammy to discuss what the back yard patio and deck ought to look like.  We've got to make some decisions but we're not sure yet what it ought to look like!  I'd love some feedback on our ideas: Exterior

4/3 Drywall, Paint, Floors

We're in the drywall phase now.  The drywall went up really quickly, but now it's a "hurry up and wait for the mud to dry" phase.  Tammy says that should be done the end of next week.

We're trying to pick out a paint color for the house.  The default MAB color, Winter Wheat is too yellow for our taste.

We're also trying to make final floor decisions.  We got our initial quotes and we're going to take a look at other options before we finalize.

I haven't looked at light fixtures for a while, but those are going to need to get finalized soon as well.

3/18 Brick work

Brick work has started!  We're going to keep a few of the selected brick (Autumn Haze) as pets.  Pet Brick FAQ

3/14 Floors

We've picked out floors and we're waiting for quotes.  We brought home one 'floating floor' tile on Friday and the longer I looked at it, the more I disliked it.  Best to find that out before the floors go in, I guess!  We picked out carpet, a ceramic tile for the bathrooms, a floating floor for the entry and kitchen, and a tile for the fireplace area.

3/14 Countertops

After agonizing and worrying and then agonizing a bit more, we're going to go with Formica's Butterum Granite countertop, in an etchings finish.  I'm a bit nervous about having some texture to the countertop, though, so I may end up having a second thought about that, even though I love the look.

3/8 Electrical

We met with the electrician and an interior design consultant on Monday and did a walk-through of the house, placing all of the outlets, light fixtures, and switches.  I'm so glad I had two people there who understand lighting better than I do.  I wouldn't have had a clue on so many of the things we decided to do.  They're all expensive, of course. 

Some specific ideas:

  • Cans in addition to the center light fixture in the dining room.  Since we're going to use the dining room as a computer room, some additional general light makes a lot of sense.  This new method will allow us more light in there but will still leave it workable as a dining room if we decide to move the computers elsewhere.
  • Cans as well as a center fixture in the master bedroom.
  • Stair lights on the stair cases instead of hanging lights
  • Can placements in the rec room--I think it'll be a bright and cheerful room
  • Fluorescent lighting in the laundry room

Lighting was really overwhelming me so it's a real relief to me to have the electrical decisions made. We still have to pick most of the lighting fixtures, but I'm not as worried about them.  Light fixtures are a lot easier to swap out than it is to change what fixtures are there in the first place.  (The budget, on the other hand, that is worrying me.)

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