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The finished kitchen

I love my new kitchen.  And I'm in love with my oven.  I'm prepared to fall in love with my Advantium, but haven't even watched the video it came with yet.

kitchen03.JPG (71003 bytes) kitchen01.JPG (83985 bytes) kitchen02.JPG (78681 bytes)
From the breakfast nook, looking into the kitchen.  From the kitchen looking towards the breakfast nook. Side view of the peninsula.  I'm really happy with the raised counter area.
kitchen05.JPG (79880 bytes) kitchen04.JPG (71786 bytes) kitchen09.JPG (61573 bytes)
I was worried about how to frame the window, but the two what-not shelves combined with the arch worked beautifully. I went back and forth over whether to have two or three drawers under the cooktop.  I opted for three, and the carpenter was able to make it work.  The top drawer just doesn't go back as far as the others. I still am not sure how to keep the stainless clean, but it looks great with the cabinets.
kitchen10.JPG (62557 bytes) kitchen08.JPG (49395 bytes) kitchen07.JPG (50880 bytes)
The handles look great.  I loved them when I saw them--on a display.  I was unsure of my decision when we picked them up--but then love them again now that they're on my cabinets. My new love: the Trivection oven, topped by its friend, the Advantium (which I still haven't figured out other than that 'micro express' makes the microwave go on for 30 seconds).  Corner pantry.  The roaster on the floor was a gift from a friend.  She heard me say I wanted one and she happened to have two, so now I have one :-)

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