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Kitchen 12/28


Kitchen Decisions

The kitchen design is okay--but it doesn't thrill me.  I'm looking for a 'wow' factor that just isn't there right now. 

Stated that way, it seems a bit arrogant, but darnit, I love kitchens and since we're building, it seems as if I ought to at least be able to plan a dreamy kitchen.  If something happens that makes it impossible to get what I completely want (like money), well, then, I can adjust.  But at the moment, I don't even have a plan I want to implement!

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The basic floorplan makes sense to me.  (It should; I designed it).

I like the G-shaped kitchen--it's like a U with an extra piece on it.  The corner pantry is going to be awesome. 


12-28-2006kitchen02.jpg (26146 bytes) These are artistic renditions, but they don't jump out at me--I'm trying to figure out what will add the wow factor that I don't see right now.
12-28-2006kitchen03.jpg (22578 bytes) 12-28-2006kitchen04.jpg (31142 bytes)

Corner Pantry Scheme

I devised a scheme for those "really like but don't use because they're hard to get to".  I'm going to have shelves for them just inside the corner pantry.  The counter top to the right of the stove will have plenty of outlets, and it'll be easy to pull out the crockpot, bread machine, ice cream maker, blender (etc and so forth) to use them.   That's the only part I'm really excited about right now.

Home Interior Decorating Exterior Site Pictures Status Reports Planning Archive

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