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The upstairs has three bedrooms and a bathroom.

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The most difficult part of the design was the bathroom.  There is a great deal of room in that section of the upstairs, but figuring out how to best use it was tough.  (Thanks, lyfia, you are wonderful)   

I wanted a lot out of the bathroom space:

  • Tub and toilet area to be separate from the double vanity
  • Towel storage space (small closet near tub)
  • Towel hanging space
  • I believe there isn't any such thing as "too much closet space", but closet space needs to be accessible and that was a tough thing to manage.
  • Linen space for blankets and such (that's the larger of the two hall closets)
  • Area for cleaning supplies (that's the smaller of the two closets)
  • Area for extra toiletries (tall cabinet where the vanities are)
  • Architecturally interesting (angled wall)
  • Space for the upstairs cat box (not solved yet, but we will)

I also wanted a lot out of the bedroom space:

  • Large bedrooms, where large is defined as least 12x12.  (Okay, one says it's 11'9" but it's really 12'10".  The software has trouble with dimensions of rooms that have diagonal walls.) 
  • Large closets for each bedroom.  (40-50 square feet per closet qualifies as a "large closet" in my world.)
  • Architecturally interesting (niche)

There were some compromises as well, but I'm not going to dwell on them, since I'm really happy with how the upstairs is planned!

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