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Latest: 1 November
A Look at our Logic
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We're embarking on a new adventure...maybe

My house was the perfect size for me and two kids (and two cats).  When Stan and Bethy moved in, the house seemed to shrink.  Stan wants to use part of my walk-in closet.  And he'd like to put his car in the garage, but the garage is full of the lawn tractor, two motorcycles, boxes, bicycles, and various other garage items.  Bethy would like a bedroom that's bigger than a closet.  Okay, so it's not a closet, but it's only 10x10 and we're still getting stuff out of the closet.

We've been looking at houses for sale and haven't found something we think will work for us, so that leaves us thinking about building.

Status (Update on November 1)

Our newest (November 1) attempt: Latest: 1 November

It has a downstairs master.  It has 3 good-sized bedrooms upstairs, each of which has a large closet.  The daylight windows would have to be on the left side of the house, so that's the part of the basement we'd finish.

We think we're almost at a contract.  (Gosh, this takes longer than I expected.)  (I suspect I'm hearing maniacal laughter from those who have done this before.)

The 27 Sept efforts were things we liked but we had to do a lot of rearranging to make it affordable.  As many people told us, straight walls are much less expensive to build!

Last Status (27 September)

Our early Sept second attempt was more in the ballpark, although still 10% over our budget, which had been increased at least 25% already when we discovered we couldn't have what we wanted.

However, I've realized that I really want the master bedroom downstairs, which means moving the Project Room to the basement.  Hmm.  Something has to be the basement.  I don't think there's a lot in our town that's priced less than twice what we're looking that would have room for a 5,000 square foot ranch!

Previous Status

Our first attempt wasn't even in the ballpark.  So we made some changes:

  • Accepted that the master would be upstairs
  • Recognized that our Study/Project Room needs could be met by dividing a Living Room/Dining Room
  • Recognized that a Study could be used as a Dining Room

With those changes in mind, this new plan is a modification (pushed out walls and extensive changes to the second floor) of a plan the builder has used in the past.

Floor Plan

Take a look at our most recent attempt at a floor plan!


If she tells us they can build what we're planning within our price range, we could put down a deposit and sign a contract by the end of the week.

We're expecting it to take a bit more time, since if the number comes back high, we'll have to start talking about what we can cut to save money and come in at our budget.

Why do it that way?

If you're wondering about some of our decisions, take a look at our logic (such as it is).


Anyone who is considering such a big project is doing a lot of reading.  We're no exception. 

I just ordered Build It Right! Make Your New Home User-Friendly

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