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We think we're almost there!

We're still looking at the same lot, which means having the Master Bedroom on the first floor, facing the rear of the house, and on the opposite corner from the garage.  (The lot requires that the garage be on the right side, so we want the master on the left where the trees are.)

The plans are clearly missing a few key elements: doors to the backyard (one from the master and one from the breakfast nook), windows, and a deck area.  The front elevation is still in the works.

And no, we're not ignoring HVAC, plumbing, or electrical issues.  We're just delaying them until the floor plan is settled!

Main Floor

The main floor is now just under 2000 square feet: 1992.  We did eliminate the hall around the stairs.

The master closet is smaller than I would like, but then, I wanted a 5'x10' closet to myself.

We'll probably use the Dining Room as a computer lab for the kids and me.  It's a bit far from the kitchen for a true Dining Room, but workable if one doesn't dine formally very often.   

Making the house larger to have a "real" dining room off the kitchen isn't a financially acceptable option, unfortunately.

Not pictured: the doors from the two bays to the back yard

Not yet designed: deck with hot tub


I'm pretty pleased with the upstairs design.  Two bedrooms will be occupied by kidlets; the third is a guest room, probably to be named "Sandy's Room".  (I hope she can keep her closet clean in the new house.) 

I expect there to be some changes around the chase area when the draftsman and HVAC people take a look at it.

All three bedrooms are nice sized and they all have large closets.

The linen closet is in the bathroom (where one grabs towels) along with a useful one near the vanity.

The separate door to the toilet/bath area should make sharing the bathroom easier.

It sure would be nice to put a 2nd bathroom up here and it would fit--at least in terms of space.  But if the bathroom gets included, then something else has to go....


The large downstairs basement (which will have an egress window) is for a teen who prefers to live in the basement.  The room is large enough so that she can settle in comfortably even if she ends up staying into early adulthood.

The family room could be a bit smaller, but I wanted to take advantage of being able to have the bottom 3' of stairs open, as I think it makes basement stairs feel less tunnel-like.

The basement will have almost 9' ceilings which should also aid in making it feel more like living space.

The exercise room will not be finished at this time.

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