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27 September Version

This is our September 27 real try.  This is a conglomerate of a bunch of ideas, all of which involve having the Master Bedroom on the first floor, facing the rear of the house, and on the opposite corner from the garage.  (The lot requires that the garage be on the right side, so we want the master on the left where the trees are.)

 Click on any level to see a full sized picture.

Main level

(One with square footage, one with measurements)

first-floor-sq-ft.jpg (83064 bytes)

first-floor-dim.jpg (83349 bytes)

For starters, the first floor is too large; we'd really like to get it under 2000 square feet and 1900 would be better

How can we cut the hall and entry space?  I don't really care if we have a two-story entry.  It seems as if there's a lot of hall space--how can we cut it down?  (We're planning on 9' ceilings on the first floor.)  There will probably be a wall along part of the steps into the Great Room, which will also be the Library.

For seconders, I have no idea how to arrange the master closet and bathroom to best use the space.  The study could be worked as well if that makes the bath and closet fit together better.  (Chances are that the study will either be a TV room or a music room.)

Desires for the master bath:

  • 6' of vanity, preferably contiguous
  • 4'x6' shower, preferably 'shown off' when walking into the master bath (so I can keep oohing and aahing at it)  (Primordially, for those who get that)
  • Linen closet space in the master
  • Separate toilet area
  • As much closet as we can make work
  • It doesn't bother us to walk through the bath to get to the closet.

Your thoughts and ideas are anxiously desired! 


second-floor.jpg (75466 bytes) Other than the 'too many doors' problem with the Front Bedroom and the colliding 'too many doors' problem with the Side Bedroom, this plan seems pretty workable. 
  • All three bedrooms are good-sized. 
  • All three bedrooms have large closets.
  • All three bedrooms have substantial un-doored wallspace.  (If 'undoored' isn't a real word, it ought to be.)
  • There's very little 'wasted' hallway space. 
  • There's actually room for a shared linen closet (Yes, it will have doors.)

Lower level (Basement)

Until we get a first floor figured out, I'm done rearranging a basement!  
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