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Picture Blog

I'm trying to keep a (close to) daily blog of how the house is developing.

The Building a House home page has the most up-to-date entries.  This page is for the stuff that is older than that which is on the home page.

March: Drywall is about to start

28 There is joint compound everywhere!
27 The brick work is being finished up--the house looks great.  The drywall was being delivered while we were there.
24 Brick work is continuing and the insulation is in progress!
22 The brick work is looking great.  Insulation has started around the various pipes, wires, and duct work!
18 The brick work has started and it looks great!
13 & 14 The roof is going up.  Electrical work has started.  The missing two windows and doors are in.
7 The plumbing and duct work is all going in.  Everyone says progress slows down now, but it's clear that the plumbing crew is working hard.
1 The hardy plank is going up on the back of the house.

February 2007: Framing is done!

23 The windows (except 2) are in.  It really makes a huge difference in the rooms to have real windows instead of just holes!
20 The framing is almost complete.  The roof paper is up and the barrel ceiling is framed.
12 The roof seems to be finished and the roof paper is being put up!
4 The roof structure is even clearer now and it's possible to see the ceiling lines in the great room and the master bedroom and (big and) the basement stairs are in place.

January 2007: Framing

30 Now that the roofline is visible, it really looks like a house!
26 Second floor walls are going up
24 The second floor is well under way.
19 The first trusses are going up--and we were lucky enough to be there when they did!
18 Most of the main level exterior walls are up.
17 The walls are going up--it's amazing to see!
16 The main floor is in.
12 The floor joists for the main level are done.
11 The framing of the lower level has been started
8 The lumber has been delivered for the floor trusses.
3 & 4 The dirt is being compacted before framing starts.

December 2006: Foundation

29 The rough grading has been done--very rough grading!
28 The basement and garage slabs have been poured.
21 The foundation is sealed--and they're moving dirt!
20 The forms are off and the drains are roughed in!
18 The foundation walls are poured
17 Forms for the foundation
11 Temporary utilities
10 The footings are poured
7 Forms for the footings
6 It's begun: we have a Huge Hole and a Huge Pile of Dirt



At this point, all we have is an empty lot!
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Home Interior Decorating Exterior Site Pictures Status Reports Planning Archive

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