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December 28, 2006

When Tammy told me that the first plumbing inspection would happen this week, I was quite skeptical.  After all, it's the week between Christmas and New Year's.  I wouldn't have been surprised if the entire inspecting office had shut down for the week.  Fortunately, they weren't closed down and the drains and sewer hookups were inspected yesterday!  I don't have any pictures of it, but it did happen!

The builders didn't waste any time.  Yesterday: drains inspected.  Today: basement and garage slabs poured.

Garage Slab Poured

20061228house02.JPG (152597 bytes) 20061228house13.JPG (145630 bytes) 20061228house12.JPG (138687 bytes)
This is the front of the house.  Now that the dirt has been moved, it's clearer how the garage door entry is going to work. There were 5 guys working--it was more than a bit cold!  One of them teased the next-door neighbor about having the best looking driveway in the neighborhood.  Guess who put it in? The driveway is actually fairly evenly sloped. It probably would be closer to flat except for our desire for daylight windows in the basement!

Basement Slab Poured

20061228house06.JPG (75115 bytes) 20061228house07.JPG (121334 bytes) 20061228house09.JPG (62505 bytes)
The two men are standing where Stan's workshop is going to be.  The ladder goes down to what will be the utility room. Stan took these standing at the front left corner of the house. Facing south.  The guy is troweling in what will be unfinished area of the basement.
20061228house10.JPG (62068 bytes) 20061228house05.JPG (101268 bytes)  
The orientation of this picture is confusing to me.  Stan says it's from the north side looking south.  The stepped area to the front right is how the brick work in the front of the house will step down. From near the dining room looking towards the back left corner of the house.

The front right area is the corner of the garage.  The guy is troweling in Bethy's closet.

Grading issues

There is a drainage area to the left (north side) of the property.  We're not yet sure how they are going to resolve this one.  Tammy said her dad is really excited about the solution--but we'll need to talk to him to get the details!  It sounds as if the drain will be moved further away from the street and back towards our side or back yard.
20061228house14.JPG (176106 bytes) 20061228house15.JPG (202875 bytes)

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