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December 29, 2006

It's definitely rough but it gives me a sense of how much back yard there will be between the house and the trees and what the basic contour of the front yard will be.

Yesterday, Stan was concerned about them not moving the dirt back close to the house.  He thought it needed "more time to pack", whatever that means.   He says that what we want is for the time to have as much time as possible to settle down before they do the final finish grading and sod the yard.  So, yesterday (when there were still open areas around the foundation) he was worried about the dirt not being directly against the foundation.  Today they moved a bunch of dirt and the rough grading is done and the ground can now start settling.  He'll have to find something else to worry about.


20061229house03.JPG (99044 bytes) 20061229house05.JPG (47126 bytes) 20061229house06.JPG (58156 bytes)
You can still see the sealed area in a few places.  In most places, though, the dirt has been pushed up against the foundation enough to hide the black. Jennica took this one (those are my feet in the far left corner).  The pipes sticking up are where the basement bathroom will be. Taken from the corner of the front of the house looking towards the back far corner.
20061229house18.JPG (104041 bytes) 20061229house19.JPG (77116 bytes) 20061229house20.JPG (80374 bytes)
The dirt is pressed all the way up against the north side of the house.  The wall is lower because of all of the daylight windows on this side. Looking south--the area on the close right is going to be the rec room.  The front left will be Bethy's room.  You can see the same basement bathroom pipes as you can in the picture above. From the back of the house.  I'm standing where the back yard will be, I think.


20061229house17.JPG (124242 bytes) 20061229house28.JPG (57551 bytes) 20061229house15.JPG (60478 bytes)
We have a driveway!  It's made of gravel, but it is a driveway! We even have a street address!  (Arnold is actually the builder and not the street name, though.)


20061229house23.JPG (83010 bytes) 20061229house24.JPG (92965 bytes)
This is the access door to the side of the garage.  It's going to be pretty steep there, I think. Looking up at the access door.

Family Time

20061229house04.JPG (86106 bytes) 20061229house25.JPG (92514 bytes) 20061229house27.JPG (90124 bytes)
Bethy (looking quite Packwolf-like) Jennica took as many pictures (or more) than I did today.  Half the ones up here are ones she took.  (No, I can't tell you which ones--mostly I don't have a clue!) Jennica, Bethy, and Jordan standing at the front left corner of the garage.  (Do you like Jordan's haircut?)
20061229house07.JPG (74358 bytes) 20061229house21.JPG (109186 bytes) 20061229house08.JPG (50250 bytes)
Jennica took this one of me taking a picture of them! And this is the one that I took at the same time.  Jordan is standing where the daylight windows into the lower level will be. And this is the ladder I didn't let them go down!
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