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April 19, 2007

Concrete, Grading, Cabinets, Paint

This page should have a longer title, but that wouldn't fit on the navigation button.  A lot has happened in the last two weeks!


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20070419house01.JPG (124142 bytes) 20070419house03.JPG (89889 bytes)  
The driveway has been poured.  The part closest to the street still needs to be done--they have to cut out the curb to do that. The concrete porch has also been poured.  We're starting to get a good look at what the house is going to look like when it's finished.  


More of the rough grading work has been done.  they're really leveling off the area where the ditch separates the two properties.

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20070419house04.JPG (174643 bytes) 20070419house05.JPG (171342 bytes) 20070419house06.JPG (154361 bytes)


The kitchen cabinets are going up fast--they're trying to get them out of the garage and installed as quickly as possible.

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20070419house07.JPG (59421 bytes) 20070419house09.JPG (55028 bytes) 20070419house10.JPG (51996 bytes)
There's an over-the-cabinet electrical source that is going to need to be lowered so it doesn't show.  Kenny said that's really common. I like the what-not shelf on the side of the window.  And the range hood is gorgeous. I think this piece came out really well.  The double whatnot shelves are pretty and the double panel on the doors keep it from looking stark.
20070419house12.JPG (48495 bytes) 20070419house11.JPG (51390 bytes) 20070419house13.JPG (45666 bytes)
Master bath: I told Stan that I got the three drawers to the right, and two of the ones to the left, and he got one for his stuff. And he said, "And I suppose you get these four over here, too."  Until then, I hadn't realized that the lower part of the linen cabinet was drawers and not a cabinet.  It's really attractive. Upstairs batch: the linen cabinet is a little shallower so there's room for the door trim.  It adds interest to the cabinetry, I think.
20070419house14.JPG (45011 bytes)    
The kids will probably split the drawers more evenly.    
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