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April 24, 2007

Concrete and Trim Carpentry

The trim carpentry is going up fast--they're doing a great job and the house is looking more and more "like a house" every time we go over there.

Click on an image to see the full-size version.
20070422house01.JPG (117725 bytes) 20070422house02.JPG (114250 bytes) 20070422house03.JPG (110590 bytes)
They've cut out the curb to prepare to pour the rest of the driveway You can see how thick the driveway is There' s a really nice curve to the walkway going up to the front door
20070422house04.JPG (52681 bytes) 20070422house05.JPG (60905 bytes) 20070422house09.JPG (61380 bytes)
This is where the ovens and refrigerator will go This is part of the preparation to lay the ceramic tile floor in the master bath There is tile in front of the fireplace now
20070422house06.JPG (30854 bytes) 20070422house07.JPG (29948 bytes) 20070422house08.JPG (43043 bytes)
We have some doors--with baseboard molding!  This is Jennica's closet This is the door to Jennica's room We have actual stair treads for the lower level now
20070422house10.JPG (43851 bytes) 20070422house12.JPG (54258 bytes) 20070422house13.JPG (64582 bytes)
The dining room/computer room has doors now, too! The molding is all piled up in the great room When we're done, I don't think we'll have tools set up all over the house!
20070422house14.JPG (122602 bytes) The electrician is changing the power from its temporary mode to actually being powered in the house.  He kindly posed for a picture! 20070422house15.JPG (136937 bytes)

Home Interior Decorating Exterior Site Pictures Status Reports Planning Archive

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