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May 20, 2007

Carpet and Tile

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20070520house13.JPG (46593 bytes) 20070520house15.JPG (49754 bytes) 20070520house05.JPG (57317 bytes)
The study looks as if it's done and ready to be moved into, except for the network outlets. The tile guy was working today (Sunday)--I think the tile looks fantastic--I'm thrilled with the accent strip. Great room is all carpeted.
20070520house10.JPG (73899 bytes) 20070520house07.JPG (28921 bytes) 20070520house06.JPG (43307 bytes)
The tools have all moved to the breakfast nook. The rec room looks done, too. The lower level bathroom still would like a toilet.  (Perhaps it's that we'd like it to have a toilet)
20070520house09.JPG (62117 bytes) 20070520house11.JPG (59102 bytes) 20070520house12.JPG (136265 bytes)
Now that the construction debris is being cleared away, the house looks open and light. I think the kitchen looks fabulous.  We left the door/drawer pulls there for installation. The back yard is full of trees--makes the deck very inviting.
20070520house01.JPG (28842 bytes) 20070520house02.JPG (103535 bytes) 20070520house04.JPG (86008 bytes)
I love the ceiling in the bedroom.  We'd talked about painting the "up" parts to match the walls. Deck off the master bedroom--enough for two chairs and a table. The deck off the breakfast nook is done.
20070520house03.JPG (97989 bytes) 20070520house18.JPG (66617 bytes) 20070520house17.JPG (31918 bytes)
The tile guy has a tarp down on the patio--his own little outdoor workshop Since the tile guy needed to go in and out, they didn't do the bedroom carpet yet. Master bedroom closet
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