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May 21, 2007

Landscaping, Doors, Appliances

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20070521house01.JPG (107786 bytes) 20070521house02.JPG (99879 bytes) 20070521house03.JPG (110758 bytes)
The landscaping looks great--I love the rock. The small tree by the front is a dwarf crabapple.  I love crabapples. I love this look!
20070521house04.JPG (62557 bytes) 20070521house05.JPG (72656 bytes) 20070521house06.JPG (49602 bytes)
The door handles look great--I had second thoughts on them when I picked them up at Lowe's, but seeing them on the cabinets, I think they're perfect. The cooktop and ovens are in.  I'm hoping that the top drawer in the cabinet under the cooktop still is operational--it looks as it ought to still fit, even if it has to be notched a bit.
20070521house08.JPG (55654 bytes) 20070521house07.JPG (46832 bytes) 20070521house09.JPG (40616 bytes)
I love the way this tile looks.  I wasn't sure about the larger tiles at first, but I think this looks great.  The shelves are practical and the accent row adds a touch of elegance. Stan is adamant--he doesn't want the toilet left in the bathtub, but acknowledges that it's closer to the right place than it was when it was sitting in the great room! Doors have been hung--this picture was taken from inside Jordan's room.
20070521house10.JPG (92227 bytes) The fixture to the left is what will be in the entry way.  It was 'second choice' but I think it looks great with the other fixtures and before long we'll forget it wasn't first choice!  (First choice didn't fit)

The fan to the left is in Stan's study.

20070521house11.JPG (37625 bytes)
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